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Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society
Registered Charity # 803913060 RR0001

www.helpinghomelesscats.com 778-426-2426


Please see the latest news about us on Our Facebook Page !. We are listed as Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society. Along with our news and views we have included nearly 200 photos!

On Facebook you will find kid-friendly chatter about the goings-on at Helping Homeless Cats. “Max” and “Tina” are a tuxedo tomcat and a tortie female who live with their guardian Linda (who runs HHC along with Donna and her cats). “Max” and “Tina” give a lively and whimsical view of what is going on with all the cats in the rescue, including those up for adoption, those in care, those who report in from adoptive and foster homes, and news of coming events such as garage sales. They also make up stories purely for the fun of it!


Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society

Registered Charity # 803913060 RR0001

www.helpinghomelesscats.com   778-426-2426  catadopt@shaw.ca

All rescued cats are spayed/neutered and had vet exam, shots, deworming, and flea treatment, and are deemed healthy at the time of foster or adoption.


Our main focus is our Long-Term Senior Foster Homes Program.  We place rescued congenial adult and senior cats with cat-loving seniors and disabled persons who are able to care for a cat but could not otherwise afford one.  We provide all food and supplies and also cover all necessary veterinary care.  Volunteers and sponsors assist with this very rewarding program and their visits are welcome by these people who are mostly restricted to their apartments.  Volunteers take supplies when needed and help the foster parent with the cat’s nail-cutting and vet trips.  If the person is occasionally ill or needs surgery, we temporarily take the cat back to the rescue.  If the time comes when they cannot care for the cat or need to go into a facility that does not allow cats, we take the cat back and assure them we will find a new loving home.  Many older seniors fear a cat will outlive them and our program gives them peace of mind. 

This program changes seniors’ lives!  Seniors or disabled persons who live alone are immediately comforted and uplifted the very moment the friendly and affectionate foster cat arrives.  With the cat in their lap and following them from room to room, they are healthier and happier.  Many people in this group are somewhat immobile and, thus, depressed and alone much of the time, some with no family and whose friends have died – and some with a few activities and family or friends but who also live alone.  The cat provides much-needed companionship and unconditional love for the individual and puts a big smile on their face.  Although the cat is technically fostered and not adopted, it is considered “their cat” for as long as they can keep it and this is very important to them.  (Most rescue foster programs are temporary and cause seniors anxiety if they have bonded with a cat for weeks or months and must give it up.) 

As a cat rescue society, we are pleased that previously abandoned cats (often deemed “unadoptable” due to age or condition) now get 24 hours a day of love and attention by someone who may also feel they have been somewhat abandoned…  It is a win-win situation.  As funds allow, we are able to set up more and more senior foster homes.


We do offer standard adoption to adult indoors-only homes where good food and vet care (if needed) can be provided.  Please see the Forms and Agreemetns section of our website for detailed information on adoption, an Adoption Application Form, and an Adoption Agreement.  Also feel free to call Linda at 778-426-2426 with any questions about adoption.

We request a donation of $75 at the time of adoption.  (All rescued cats have been spayed/neutered and received shots and medical care if needed.)  If the cost of food and possible vet care is of any concern, we offer fostering rather than adoption.  Adoption means permanent responsibility for care of a cat, although HHC will always take the cat back if it becomes impossible for the adopter to keep the cat.  We screen adopters to be sure the people and other pets in the home are compatible with the rescue cat.  We follow up to be sure the adoption has worked out favorably for all.


Our priority is long-term foster homes for seniors and disabled persons (see first paragraph on previous page).

We also seek standard indoors-only, temporary, responsible, and loving adult foster homes.  Fostering is an excellent way for cat lovers to have a cat if hey are unable to afford the cost or to make a long term commitment.  It is a wonderful way for the cat to get lots of attention until we find a permanent home for it.  Also, it is a good way for a cat lover to help with cat rescue or to get to know a cat before permanent adoption.  Foster-to-adopt is an option – meaning the cat is available for adoption to the public but if we get an inquiry about the cat we will notify the foster home who is first in line for adoption (if they meet the adoption criteria).  Due to the number of cats available for adoption in the Victoria area, many foster homes become long-term.

We provide all food and supplies.  (Some foster parents donate this.)  If any medical symptoms should arise, we take the cat to our vet.  If extensive care is needed, we take the cat back to the rescue until recovery.  If the foster parent for any reason is unavailable for certain short periods, we temporarily take the cat back.  We will take the cat back permanently at any time the person can no longer keep it or if we deem that to be in the best interest of the cat – such as if it suddenly requires intense medical care.  Otherwise, the cat remains fostered until adoption.  A cat with an ongoing treatable medical condition might remain in fostering with our support for a long time.


We rescue cats in the Victoria area (we never venture out of B.C.) who are considered unadoptable by the Pound and SPCA due to age or medical condition.  Once we rescue a cat, we will provide any care it needs to alleviate suffering and promote well-being.


We help low income pet owners by having their cats spayed/neutered at no cost. 


Our website provides more information about our charity and our family-friendly Facebook page has well over 1000 photos of our cats and provides info regarding upcoming events and activities.  Both are good sources for promoting our sponsors and supporters whom we greatly appreciate.  We hope to continue helping cats AND people!


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