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Value $15

Books approximately 10″ x 12″ each.

From Kittens to Cats by Walter Chandoha, 1967 (copyright 1963) (Happy Birthday inscription.  Tells of cats from “kittens to cats” with exceptionally nice black and white photos of cats and children.  Lots of outdoor cats.

The World of Cats and Kittens.  Happy Birthday inscription plus another name.  Nice color photos and chatty text.  Colour Library Books, Lt., Surrey, England, printed in Spain.

Caring for Your Cat by Paddy Cutts, 1993.  No inscription in this one.  Cat care information and instructions and a section on breeding (which we don’t recommend!)

Hardback books with dust jackets in USED condition.  Kittens to Cats has small tears at corners of dust jacket.  Still nice enough for the coffee table!

Starting bid:  $5, increments $1




Orig. $21.95

ALIAS GRACE by Margaret Atwood, hardback:  Grace Marks has been convicted for her involvement in the vicious murders of her employer and his housekeeper/mistress.  Serving a life sentence after a stint in Toronto’s lunatic asylum, Grace herself claims to have no memory of the murders.  A group of reformers and spiritualists seek a pardon…

TIGER DREAMS by Almeda Glenn Miller, paperback:  Claire, a 37-year-old documentary film-maker is mourning the recent loss of her Anglo-Indian father and travels from Canada to India to meet her last remaining relative, her elderly cousin Charlotte.  She discovers the story of her grandmother, the wife of Gandhi’s jailer in the waning days of the Raj.

Starting bid $5, increments $2

TWO FRANK McCOURT hardback BOOKS with dust jackets

TWO FRANK McCOURT hardback BOOKS with dust jackets

Orig:  $38.50 and $34.50


If you haven’t gotten around to reading these two yet, now is the time!


ANGELA’S ASHES, 1996, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize:  Luminous memoir of Frank McCourt, born in Depression-era Brooklyn to recent Irish immigrants and raised in the slums of Limerick, Ireland – growing up in poverty, near starvation, and worse.  An amazing tale, deeply moving and written with humor and compassion.


‘TIS, 1999:  This is the story of Frank’s American journey from impoverished immigrant to brilliant teacher and raconteur.  He arrives in New York in 1953 in the company of a priest he meets on the boat and the adventure begins!  His experiences are told with uncanny humor and his astonishing ear for dialogue renders these experiences spellbinding.


Starting bid $5, increments $2