Swarovski Crystal European Candleholder

DECOR swarovski close-up

DECOR swarovski 1 DECOR Swarovski bottom

Swarovski Crystal European Candleholder

Swarovski candleholders 3″ high, 6″ wide    2-pin #108

Value $125

A beautiful, retired, Swarovski silver crystal candle holder in excellent condition.  Only minor scratches on the bottom.  (No original box but the Swarovski etched trade mark signature is on bottom.  Never used but was displayed.

Starting bid:  $20, increments $5


FOLK ART CHAIR: The Fat Cat Says….


FOLK ART CHAIR:  The Fat Cat Says….

Chair Artist –  Alice Hinther 2007

Very solid and the back is rounded.  26” high (from bottom legs to top of back rest); seat 17” X 18”

Value $150.00

“I rescue old chairs and other things that would otherwise end their lives in the landfill and turn them into colourful and whimsical one-of-a-kind art pieces – all FUNKtional Art!” — Alice Hinther

Starting bid:  $85.00, increments $10

3 Cat Candle Holder


3 Cat Candle Holder

Value: $90.00

Master Sculpture M Pena, Windstone Editions, North Hollywood, Ca

At the heart of every piece created by master sculptor M. Peña is the artist’s passion for living creatures. This passion, coupled with a lifelong study of animal

behavior & anatomy and an astonishing gift for three-dimensional art, results in sculpture so intriguing and lifelike it is without equal.


Starting bid:  $40, increments $10